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The future returned.

We are the experimental, bordering on irresponsible weapon foundry known as Omolon, the creators of Hardlight, a weapon the guardian uses against the darkness. Powered by barely understood technology, we decided to create a new source of productions for our guardians to test and use in the battlefield. Our latest invention the light-energy drinks will greatly help our heroes in the war against the darkness. All thanks to the idea of a Titan that came into our office


About this Project

This project came to life when I wanted to learn how to create a product of an energy drink. Since then the idea sparked to make a fully "fake" presentation of a new drink under the name of "OMOLON" as they use liquid infused ammo on their weapon inside the world of Destiny 2. Saw this as a fun opportunities to learn new programs and enhance my work! Started all from a piece of paper, moving to Figma, then creating all the animations and digital media through Cinema4D , Blender and After effects! A fully detailed of the process will be released later in my portfolio website!



Developer / Multi-Disciplinary Designer

I'm Brian or known as SierraX07, i'm a Multi-disciplinary designer and a content creator for Destiny 2!

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SolarPFP copy.jpg

Solar Flair

Content Creator & Creator of the Solar-DR2 Advertisement

Solar is a content creator inside the community of Destiny 2 since the Vine days!

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Propmaster / 3D printed Omolon E-Drinks Canisters

Howdy! I am studying to be a mechatronics engineer but in my free time I work on prop fabrication, cosplay, and a little 3D digital art as well mostly focused around Destiny.

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Voice Actor / Voiced the Trailer

I'm Jordan, or Grindor32, I tackle a few small creative hobbies, such as voice acting!

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Specialist Feature

Content Creator & Creator of the Void-DR3 Advertisement

People call me Specialist, I like making stories and having a good time!

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Content Creator / Creator of Omolon Advertisement Posters

Hi, I'm Moira from theEverdrift! I'm a 2D artist creating retro-inspired posters, and a content creator in the Destiny community!

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Thanks again for seeing this project!


Powered by barely understood technology.

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